How to Make Your Property Look Amazing with 3D Rendering

Julia Smith

Consider, you have the perfect home for your client or you’re dear once. It is as perfect as exactly what they ever wanted. Now you need to describe to them how the apartment suits them specifically.

While presenting your idea, you emphasized every fine detail of the house. The great view from the balcony, luxurious availability, set up of the living room, arrangement of the bedroom, Exotic Park with pool and flora around with serene vibes.

NO matter how you stretch the details or prolong it with an extra spike, it will not be helpful to imagine the ever setup and balance of the space in the home is built. It just doesn't seem awe-inspiring. You can only 'show' them by presenting the exact representation, as they discern.

At Depic Studio, we apprehend your requirements by providing our undivided attention to the project. We are end to end 3D architectural visualisation, animation, virtual reality, and 3D rendering solution. 

If you wonder what does 3D rendering means, then perhaps you have landed on the right page. We have written a comprehensive guide for beginners as well as experts in the area. Follow further to get a slick overview of how rendering can be useful?

So, Let's dive into the arena of 3D rendering.

What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the process of transforming the 3D model into a 2D image through 3D computer graphics software. 3D rendering may include a photo-realistic technique to present the image of property or product but not compulsorily so.

It depends on you/consumer or the client whether they want realistic rendering or non-realistic 3D rendering. 3D rendering is a vast topic. It holds many dimensions and complex types of styles and specifications according to the necessity of the image. 

How Many Types of 3D Rendering?

There are three primary styles for creating 3D renders and they are wireframe, surface, and solid. Each classification composes different arrangements or alignments of the 3D renders with various alternatives of editing opinions that change among all types.

Therefore, when it comes to exhibiting the property you must take into consideration to stick to one style of rendering rather than combing them.

1. Exterior rendering 

Implementation of three-dimensional image composition is utilized to create a captivating exterior rendering for properties to market buildings like downtown cityscapes, hotels, etc. As exterior rendering is a growing trend, deploying for rendering solutions also becomes a favourite exterior rendering service.

CAD provides phenomenal support in the process for providers to transform the designs in digital format. Although the designs might look super expensive, fine, and elegant, they come at very affordable rates.

2. Interior rendering 

Interior design is an art and science that is far vast than what seems to the eye. It is important to how we perceive and feel in that particular area. This is where 3D architectural visualisation and Realistic 3D Renderings get in action. In the real estate industry, interior rendering is a major tool used for presenting the property to clients.

It is considered a better marketing and sales tool which is super easy and accessible to explain the design to anyone. It is observed by experts, property with Interior rendering is easily approved by clients because it creates less scope of misunderstanding. And moreover, it is cost-effective.

3. Animation 

The animation is a technique to figure out how to manipulate and move the object in the image. Nowadays, mostly animations are created with the help of computer-generated imagery (CGI). With animation, you can communicate with your clients and convey your message without getting misunderstood.

The principal agenda of marketing is to attract consumers. You can utilize an animation video in order to explain your services or products. It also encourages customers to make quick decisions without wasting effort or additional time on it.

4. Photomontage

A photomontage is a group or sequence of singular photographs arranged. Several photos of the property are arranged together to create a single image with an extensive view.

Professional photographers do take marvellous real estate photos. But circumstances like lighting, environmental limitations, and technological barriers of the camera, even the best photos require remarkable improvements when it comes to images for marketing and presentation.

With the help of software like Adobe Photoshop and lightroom, Photomontage removes imperfection like an unwanted object, white balance, hues, incorrect linings, and noise. It enhances the selling point, adds details, improves credibility, and helps in growing business

How Long Does 3D Rendering Take?

Rendering time, certainly, belongs to the span of time taken by the procedure to process the image. It falls into several criteria particularly described allocated details (like elements, material, texture, lightings) combined into the image. 

There are meticulous ways that are executed to reduce time. Rendering time can be reduced by explaining details very precisely, as maximizing the scope of revision is a great way to work timely.

While revision, extra work is obliged, and some images need re-rendered from the beginning. Hence, preventing the possibilities of changes and an uptick to the resolution of images reduce the rendering time.

  • Make Your Property Look Amazing with 3D Rendering

Benefits of 3D Rendering:

Here let's dig into the wealth of benefits that 3D rendering brings to real estate industry.

1. Pre-construction Project visualisation

Photorealistic 3D rendering and Architectural visualisation can do wonders when it comes to exhibiting the property.

It is an extensive solution and win-win deal for both you and your clients (architects and their clients). It creates an opportunity to advertise and present a new project or semi-constructed buildings.

2. Highlight the essentials and significant areas

With the help of architectural visualisation and 3D rendering, building or construction designs can be examined and evaluated before being developed.

The immersive designs are utilized for cost evaluation, development, arranging the supplies to be used, reducing design stains, upscale or downsize a design, etc. This will balance your property visibility and reduce misunderstandings.

3. It creates an emotional connection with your customers.

Market research by Nielsen media research on what people watch, listen to, and buy gives insight and data about advertisement and strategy to advertisement for consumer psychology that can lead to a 23% increase in sales.

We can all assume and experience realistic images, and walkthrough can create a profound impact when it comes to sales.

4. Large-scale and repeated projects with expertise

As technology develops, today’s visualisation software offers variable features to support every thinkable regard of architectural design.

Outlining hundreds of alike residential buildings in an urban setup or an expensive resort in the centre of a tropical forest, 3D rendering Software come with features using which we can design a single building and attached to the same or different locations while designing a residential society or punctually create a park as a background or framework for the design of their luxurious resort.

4. March ahead from your competition with - AR & VR

AR and VR have initiated enormous promenades for architectural design. We produce ideas and designs that not simply clients can view but actually experience.

AR and VR take 3D illustrations that are noteworthy and effective. 

5. Cost-effective marketing 

Marketing architectural visualisation is an investment for an extensive return. Usually, people prefer shopping online for home these days, and moreover, the upcoming year will grow explicitly.

The upside is the price of 3D visualisation and rendering is quite reasonable as advertisements will drive higher returns on your investment by bringing more customers to your business.


Architectural visualisation and 3D rendering have a powerful influence on the real estate industry. It is the wide-ranging-scope of marketing and listing the property. In today's time, 3D visualisation has become an unleashing trend for the upcoming year.

While creating visualisations for your property, there are fundamental details that make it realistic. It provides designers to demonstrate their imagination and impersonate it coherently. With the help of technological progressions, architectural visualisation can produce the spectator an authentic view of construction even before its base is created.

As a Australia's 3D visualisation studio, Depic Studio has grown rapidly. We understand and have expertise in this domain. We encourage you to check out our portfolio.

By providing 3D rendering services and 3D architectural visualisation services for the real estate industry have profited many of our clients. To escalate the potential of your business we consider 3D house rendering and 3D architectural visualisation is a powerful tool.

For more details, contact us.

Make Your Property Look Amazing with 3D Rendering